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Distribution of Donations
At various campaigns around the country.

Donate Goods
At one of our selected donation points.

Bag Packers
Help make Shine a Light packs that are fully equipped for the homeless.

Photographer for events, managing our media pages, promotional videos.

Join our team and help us seek sponsorship in the form of clothing, non perishable food items and hygiene products.

Committee Member
Have your say on the future direction of Shine a Light and best practices in aiding the homeless.


“I came across Shine a Light through our student mail at UL as a volunteering opportunity without being sure what I was really going to be doing. I was impressed at how organised the campaign was first of all. When I arrived, the bus had been waiting, and Padraic had been there ready to get us started. He brought us into the SU where he had already packed bags of essential items for all of the service users, and gave us a quick overview of what we would be doing for the day. On the bus on the way up, he made a genuine effort to get around to everyone on the bus for a chat to find out their story. When we got to Dublin, Padraic gave us our high vis jackets and gave us some documents to prepare us for the experience to make sure we were properly prepared and safe. He also gave us maps in which he had broken the city into areas that each team would cover. It was clear that he had spent a great deal of time preparing for the day and was very helpful and knowledgeable when any of us had questions. The experience was extremely rewarding. It was not until we went out and spoke to some of the service users that you realise the impact you are making to someone’s life. The thing that stands out most is the fact that Padraic is so genuine in his approach and he really cares about helping people. Apart from the feeling of helping someone who really needs your help, it is Padraic’s enthusiasm that makes me want to be a part of every campaign that Shine a Light run!”


—James Byrne, CEO, Cliste Marketing.

“Hi, my name is Onyekachi Anyalechi and I am a postgraduate student of the University of Limerick Ireland. I am a member of Shine a Light led by Padraic Rocliffe. The group, Shine a Light is committed to ending the plights of homeless people in Ireland which stands at about 10,000 people or more. We are committed to making a difference in the lives of the homeless people in Ireland through the distribution of essential materials to the homeless people on the streets. The group also aims at highlighting the importance of this issue to the government to take appropriate measures to combat homelessness in Ireland. You can also make a difference by joining this movement. “

—Onyekachi Anyalechi, Student, University of Limerick.

“I really enjoyed volunteering with Shine a Light. It was a great experience getting to help the homeless. It is such a simple idea to give them tea, food and clothing, but it means so much. You hear some very interesting stories and get to meet some brilliant characters. It really opens your eyes to the homeless situation in Ireland and all the people it affects”

— Laura Kerin, Operations Manager, Dromroe Village, University of Limerick.

“I took part in the very first Shine a Light event around the 17th of December 2017. When I say it was my first Shine a Light event, it was actually my first homeless charity event and it was so fulfilling. I had a slight apprehension at first as I was unsure as to what reception we would get on the streets. But after we were finished for the day, I can honestly say it was one of the most fulfilling things I’ve ever taken part in. We handed out clothes and non perishable foods to the homeless, but it was the conversations that took place which was the most inspiring to me. It thought me that a simple conversation can be the most important thing to a person that may not have interaction with someone from morning to night. The appreciation from those we talked to really stuck with me and it made me realise how much we take for granted in our 9 to 5 working lives. Shine a Light is a young group that gives such hope and is going to help so many in the future”

—Graham O’ Toole, DJ Spin 103.8, Dublin.